Mill Valley News

Homecoming memories not what students expected

Kaitlyn Butko, editor-in-chief, Joshua Duden, reporter

October 8, 2010

For the 670 who purchased tickets to the Homecoming dance on Saturday, Sept. 25, the evening was supposed to have been memorable. It was memorable, but for all the wrong reasons, causing over 600 students to leave the dance early. Student...

Volleyball team ranks in Kansas Volleyball Association’s top ten

Sarah Darby, news editor

September 28, 2010

 The Jaguar volleyball team was recently ranked in the top 10 of statewide 5A schools by the Kansas Volleyball Association. Sponsored by the Kansas Volleyball Association, head volleyball coaches voted to put the team in the top...

Health teacher McClure wins national title

Hanna Torline, editor-in-chief

September 23, 2010

Health teacher Amy McClure was recently named the 2010 National Health Educator of the Year. When she heard that she had been chosen for the award, she was both surprised and honored. "I feel like my job impacts other’s...

Social worker Gudenkauf wins state title

Hanna Torline, editor-in-chief

September 23, 2010

Sitting at her desk towards the end of the school year in May, social worker Debbie Gudenkauf received a phone call telling her she had been selected as the Kansas State School Social Worker of the Year. "I got tears in my...

Transition brings positives and negatives

Kaitlin Rounds, reporter

September 23, 2010

With every new school year, there are always new aspects, whether it be new teachers, classes, or students. But students and staff alike were forced to deal with almost an overwhelming amount of changes, from the new space to...

Homecoming changes bring mixed feelings

Maya Sudduth, reporter

September 23, 2010

Changes happening Homecoming seem to be the talk of the school. The assembly and parade were moved from Wednesday to Friday, to boost school spirit for the game. The bonfire was Wednesday. Candidates were voted on Thursday. There...

Dr. Joe Novak to run for Representative again

Alyne Roemerman, reporter

September 23, 2010

Former principal Dr. Joe Novak is busy campaigning for State Representative in the 39th District, the election for which takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 2. It’s the same House seat he ran for in 2008 and against the same opponent,...

Tobacco-free policy now in effect

Sarah Darby, news editor

August 23, 2010

The school district officially adopted a tobacco-free campus policy at the school board meeting Monday, Aug. 16. School campuses are now not only tobacco free for students, but also for staff members and visitors. Smoking will ...

KJI camp teaches staff members how to enhance website

Kaitlyn Butko, editor-in-chief

June 15, 2010

Through the Advanced Multimedia Seminar led by Kansas Journalism Institute (KJI) director Jeff Browne, two staff members have learned how to bring news to audiences through different mediums. Podcasts, videos, live feeds and...

Interchange project affects many students’ daily routines

Katelyn Appleby, reporter

June 1, 2010

The $21. 5 million construction project to renovate the K-7 and Johnson Drive intersection began Monday, March 22. Once the interchange project is completed, Johnson Drive/55th Street will run under K-7. Two roundabouts will be...