Adminstration makes WPA final decision

Lisa Joerling, briefs editor

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Despite two girls from both the dance team and cheer team advocating for a formal dance, WPA will be an informal mixer on Friday, Feb. 24 after the basketball game against Bishop Ward High School. The girls met with principal Tobie Waldeck and discussed reasons why they believe the dance should be formal.

“We really had no idea the dance wouldn’t be formal,” junior dancer Josie Hanson said. “We found out about two weeks ago it was still planned as a mixer.”

Junior cheerleader Jenna Middaugh also thought the dance would be formal.

“We figured WPA would be formal this year because Homecoming went so well,” Middaugh said.

The teams presented Waldeck with a list of reasons for a formal dance, including that Homecoming was successful, it’s a fundraiser for both teams, the majority of students would like it to be formal and boys already pay for two dances, this would be one girls would pay for.

Despite the points made at the meeting, the decision remains in place.

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