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McLain’s has a wide variety of pastries ready to be purchased such as apple pie.

Review: McLain’s Market cafe

Jack Brown, JAG reporter/photographer
December 21, 2020
Seniors Hunter Harris and Steven Colling stand side by side as they register to vote.

The voting age should be lowered to 16

Avery Gathright, JagWire reporter/photographer
November 3, 2020
People should have in-depth conversations about politics with one another to broaden their perceptions and beliefs on important matters.

Politics should not be taboo

November 2, 2020
Describing voting as

Voting isn’t easy for everyone

Tatum Elliott, JagWire editor-in-chief
November 2, 2020
JagWire reporter Gabby Delpleash argues for further informing ourselves on each presidential candidate’s values beyond personality and political “tribalism”.

Vote for the candidate, not the party

Gabby Delpleash, JagWire reporter/photographer
November 2, 2020
Reporter Madelyn Welch argues that,  for the sake of fairness, colleges should should keep the test-optional model for applications even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Colleges should continue using the test-optional model for applications

Madelyn Welch, JagWire Writer/Photographer
October 22, 2020
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