Forensics takes home 11 medals from meet at Lansing

By Emily Johnson

Practicing their new duo during class on Wednesday, Feb. 1, senior Malayia Reece and sophomore Claire Young, scream in unison. "Malayia and I are starting a duo called 'Demon Child' that will be for the next competition," Young says. "[For duos] we can't touch each other or interact so it will be challenging."

Katie Linsey, reporter

The Forensics team took home 11 medals from the meet at Lansing High School on Saturday, Jan. 28.

 Forensics teacher Jeanette Hardesty appreciates the team’s hard work.

 “The strengths of our team is team work,” Hardesty said. “All students support each other and pull together when needed to fill in for a category when someone does not show up. They are a wonderful group of students to work with.”

 Hardesty thinks there is room for improvement.

 “We can practice our pieces to improve for our next meet and get each speech, act, and solo act perfectly blocked and memorized,” Hardesty said.

 The medals are as follows:

Senior Josh Duden, fourth in Domestic Extemporaneous

Senior Tyler Owsley, fifth in Domestic Extemporaneous

Junior Lexi Riddle, third in Foreign Extemporaneous and sixth in Original Oration

Duden and junior Hailee Windsor, second in duet

Sophomore Clare Young and senior Matt Eber, sixth in duet

Senior Hannah Brinker, fifth in prose

Young, fourth in prose

Windsor, second in poetry

Brinker and sophomore Joe Gunter, sixth in Improvised Duet Acting

Duden and Young, fourth in Improvised Duet Acting

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