Food truck review: Beauty of the Bistro


By Photo by Adri Talavera

If you think street food can’t be fancy, you haven’t tried anything from Beauty of the Bistro. Their menu puts an elegant spin on regular street food, whether that be through serving burgers on flavored rolls or adding crawfish and three cheeses to their macaroni and cheese.

While they predominantly serve sandwiches, they are not at all typical. Most toppings (slaws, sauces and pickles) are made in-house (well, truck) and taste amazing. I had their Boom Boom Burger, a half-pound burger topped with pepper jack cheese, a jalapeno aioli and roasted salsa and served on a farm-to-market bun. It was quite possibly the best burger I’ve ever eaten, as it had many layers of flavor and spice from the different toppings and the burger itself.

After you get your food, the truck still continues to pursue both comfort and faux-fanciness. All drinks are served with complementary coozies containing the truck’s contact information on them, which proved to be quite convenient as I did not have to hold a cold soda can the whole time. They also set up small tables outside the truck for you to stand at while you eat, which almost creates the feeling of eating at an actual restaurant.

The only disadvantage to this great truck was how busy it was. While a wait is to be expected at almost any food truck (especially a good one), this led to a problem with my experience – they ended up running out of their Crawdad Mac & Cheese, which is what I was initially going to order. While the burger I had was fantastic, it would have been nicer had they planned for more people ordering from their truck.

Aside from this, my experience at Beauty of the Bistro was very positive. I would most definitely come back again.

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