Mill Valley News

Health students get cholesterol screened

Madison LaBarge, Section Editor

March 1, 2013

Health teacher Sara Haub’s Health classes partook in the annual cholesterol screening on Friday, March 1 sponsored by the Johnson County Health Department. Every year the Health students get to have their cholesterol screened...

Students participate in Zumba class during seminar

Kelsey Floyd, photo editor

May 4, 2012

Mill Valley High School participated in National Physical Education and Sport Week. From Tuesday, May 1 to Monday, May 7 the week’s theme was "Let’s Move". In celebration for the week, the school had student teacher Heather...

Sleep deprivation causes problems for teens

Jill Applegate, features editor, Hanna Torline, reporter

October 25, 2010

Maybe you’ve experienced watching one of your friends dozing off across the room, only to be jolted awake by a book slammed on their desk by the teacher. Or possibly, you’re the one who can never seem to keep your eyes open...

Health teacher McClure wins national title

Hanna Torline, editor-in-chief

September 23, 2010

Health teacher Amy McClure was recently named the 2010 National Health Educator of the Year. When she heard that she had been chosen for the award, she was both surprised and honored. "I feel like my job impacts other’s...