Cholesterol testing during Health classes

Every semester students get their Cholesterol tested


By Photo By Claire Biles

During Health class sophomore Erika Marsh nervously get her cholesterol tested while sophomore Seth Wagner holds her hand.

Lizzie Kulcsar, JagWire reporter

Every semester sophomores in health class get the opportunity to get their cholesterol level tested. Students who choose to participate get their finger pricked for a small blood sample and they receive their results within a few minutes. If their results are a concern then their parents are notified to ensure they are taking the right precautions. The testing took place Wednesday, Sept. 17 and Thursday, Sept. 18 and 149 out of the 175 sophomores currently taking health decided to participate. Sophomore Shelby Bonn only took part in the testing after health teacher Amy McClure encouraged her to.

“A lot of students are curious, possibly anxious but once they [get tested] they realize it’s simple,” McClure said.

Bonn appreciated it when the specialists gave her examples of physical activities and foods to eat to maintain her cholesterol.
McClure agrees the testing is helpful.

“It benefits them by giving them a general idea of their wellness… it’s one aspect of being healthy,” McClure said.

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