Planning out senior year is leading to success

By using a new elaborate planner, I have been able to keep all of my activities and deadlines organized


Marah Shulda, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

Going into senior year, I knew that in order to be successful I would have to be as organized as humanly possible. With college application deadlines and scholarship essays on top of the day to day high school and after school life, senior year is pretty hectic. In order to keep all of these things straight, I have turned to the aid of my new $35 planner Erin Condren planner.

Now, this price may seem outrageous for any simple planner, but this thing is currently running my life. Even though I am almost always stressing about how busy I am, I love being able to be involved in so many things, and having this planner makes it possible.

I have each and every day carefully planned out, with no club meeting, work shift or homework assignment left out. Because of this, I have been able to give more time and dedication to all of my different activities.

By having this extensive planner, I have been able to max out each and every day, to where I have almost everything planned out to the hour. The planner comes with different kinds of stickers which make me more excited to be organized. I personally use different colored pens in coordination with my different activities. This makes it very easy to simply glance down and recognize what I have to do each day.

In my eyes, this planner is my holy grail — my Bible. It manages my time, organizes my life and makes each day way easier than they would be without it. Rather than having to focus on what is coming next, I am able to enjoy the now, while the planner does the worrying for me,

Being involved in tons of things is really fun, though it does put an added strain on everyday life. However, by having this Bible-like planner I have been able to stay on top of everything, and give all of my activities equal attention.

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