Blog: Only slackers need snow days

Blog: Only slackers need snow days

Austin Gillespie, Kristina Milewski, Hanna Torline, JagWire editors-in-chief

Austin speaking:

Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing snow day, right? Wrong. Well, at least for members of the newspaper staff. We just started issue six, and as it is already a super short deadline, the snow days are really putting a damper on our abilities to get a lot done. Short worknight, which is when we usually turn rough drafts in, is on Monday. However, with the snow days and a super short deadline, we had to push our rough draft due date back to Wednesday. Hopefully we won’t have any more snow days this week; we have a paper to finish. Besides, I’m actually getting a bit bored of sleeping all day.

Kristina speaking:

I’m a little torn here. As much as I’ve enjoyed being cozy by the fireplace and snuggling up with a good book the past few days, we’ve got issue six to finish. Eh, I’ll make a snow day pro/con list later. As Austin already said, this deadline is much shorter than our previous deadlines, so the snow days threw us for a loop. But we’re still determined to put out a solid sixth issue. Staff members, if you’re currently reading this, STOP. Work on your stories and designs NOW. We’re watching you … ┬áLuckily we haven’t initiated freak-out mode yet, but stay tuned for next week’s blog. Things may change.

Hanna speaking:

I love having snow days. But if the weather could just cooperate with my schedule, that’d be great. As Austin said, our short worknight is on Monday, meaning we only had two school days to get everything done before worknight. Needless to say, that’s a little stressful because it’s hard to design pages, conduct interviews and take pictures when school is canceled and the snow is piled up in your driveway. Plus, who can turn down sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and watching Netflix? Regardless, I hope that the snow days won’t set us back too far.

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