Letter from the editors: scrapping it all together

Despite the chilly weather, our production cycle was filled with fun and great journalism


Ally Nguyen, Anika Roy, and Annie Myers

Howdy, friends. We hope you had a rest-filled and replenishing spring break, and as always, welcome back to another issue of the JagWire. Despite mother nature absolutely obliterating our initial production cycle with her excessive amounts of snow and ice, our wonderful staff was able to put forth their best efforts (and then some) to produce this issue.

Here at the JagWire, we love the first amendment. Not only did it allow Mary-Beth Tinker and her brother to be successful in their efforts to protect student rights, (happy 50th anniversary Tinker v. Des Moines), but it set the stage for our favorite piece of legislation: the Kansas Student Publications Act. Fourteen JagWire staff members were able to join other student journalists at the Kansas Scholastic Press Association’s regional contest at the University of Kansas, and not only celebrate this law, but also partake in some friendly competition. We’re confident our staff members represented us well.

Still, while we support the rights of the press, we’re not ignorant to the controversies that have recently been surrounding news media and journalists in general. This issue’s center spread will cover how the journalism field is changing in three ways: battling fake news, utilizing digital content and how local media fairs in the era of free content. Flip to page 11 to read all about it.

Beyond the plights of journalism, we have an array of topics for your enjoyment, ranging from how to get your college degree in three years to a review on the best exhibits at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. That being said, we hope we have something available for everyone.

So settle down with a warm drink and flip through our 24 hand-crafted pages. Our remaining minutes together are very few, so we hope you make the most of them and see you back for our final issues of the year.

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