Letter from the editors: Let’s have a chat

While a difficult story to write, we decided to focus issue three on an epidemic plaguing our generation: vape


Ally Nguyen, Anika Roy, and Annie Myers

Hello everyone, and welcome to issue three of the JagWire. As always, our staff did an awesome job and put forth their best effort in everything they did. They submitted many great ideas for consideration this production cycle, meaning we went in with a cohesive vision of what we wanted this paper to look like, and we’re incredibly proud of the results.

This issue contains light-hearted and feel-good topics, such as the 6A wrap-up in the sports section where we highlighted not one, but two state championships. However, we also tackled more serious stories, like the newest security implementations the district has put in place. The topic that generated the most discussion within our staff, though, was something that affects many students and is our center spread: the prevalence of Juuls and other types of vapes.

We decided to cover this controversial topic because of the FDA ruling that the company that produces Juuls targets minors. In the article we explore how they do this, as well as set the record straight for the different consequences of vaping. We believe it’s interesting to note how the school and law enforcement approach punishments and consequences for a substance that a portion of the senior class can legally consume.

In order to complete this coverage to the best of our abilities, we interviewed a variety of sources from principal Tobie Waldeck to University of Kansas faculty members. This story, though difficult to write, is one we all think is important and relevant to the student body. We created this coverage to help students better understand the many aspects of Juuls, not to “call anyone out.”

So buckle in, friends, and try to keep an open mind while reading this special section. We hope you enjoy the whole paper, because we certainly enjoyed making it.

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