Volleyball places fourth at the Spikefest tournament

The team competed against 10 other schools at the tournament held by De Soto on Saturday, Oct. 6

Sam Hanson, JagWire reporter/photographer

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  • With the ball at the net, junior Faith Archibong and sophomore Molly Carr fight their opponent for possession. "[The team] did well at doing what we needed to do," Carr said. The volleyball team competed in the Spikefest tournament on Saturday, Oct. 6, and placed fourth.

  • In the air, sophomore Jaden Ravnsborg spikes the ball.

  • With her opponent attempting a block, junior Emma Fox hits the ball.

  • While her team runs to help, junior Whitney VanDyke sets the ball up for one of them to spike.

  • Before the serve junior Faith Archibong and sophomore Jaden Ravensborg strategize.

  • While walking on the court, senior Sydney Pullen and junior Emma Fox laugh at eachother.

  • As their opponent hits the ball, freshmen Kate Roth and Taylor Roberts attempt a block.

  • Competing for a ball in the air, freshmen Taylor Roberts goes to strike the ball over the net before her opponent does.

  • With her opponent attempting a block, sophomore Molly Carr hits the ball past them.

  • Jumping in the air, freshmen Amara Traiger prepares to hit the ball over the net.

  • After losing the point, sophomore Jaden Ravnsborg joins the rest of her team in a huddle.

  • While her opponent's brace for the ball, freshman Brylee Peterson goes leaps in the air to hit.

  • In between sets, junior Emma Fox laughs with one of her teammates.

  • Setting the ball to her teammates, junior Emma Fox prepares an assist.

  • While her team watches, junior Emma Fox bumps the ball to one of her teammates.

  • As the ball flies past her hands, freshman Taylor Roberts reaches behind to try and hit it.

  • While sliding on the court, senior Sydney Pullen performs a dig.

  • With her opponent attempting a block, freshman Brylee Peterson hits the ball.

  • In between matches, the team snacks and makes plans for the next set.

  • Attempting to block the ball, junior Faith Archibong and freshman Brylee Peterson jump and reach over the net.

  • While jumping in the air, sophomore Jaden Ravensborg serves the ball.

  • After sophomore Jaden Ravensborg hits the ball, it flies over the net.

  • With her opponent attempting a block, freshman Taylor Roberts hits the ball.

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The volleyball team placed fourth after a tumultuous day at the “Spikefest” tournament, hosted by De Soto, on Saturday, Oct 6.

During the tournament, the team saw growth from their last appearance, according to sophomore Molly Carr.

“We have improved a lot,” Carr said. “We definitely had some very big wins, and we are coming together more as a team which is a very good.”

Senior Sydney Pullen said the team “had really good defense including blocking and digs,” which led to their success.

Even though the team had an excellent day, there is still room for growth in the way the team plays, according to Carr.

“We can still improve on our skills, such as being more aggressive with our hitting and our defense,” Carr said. “We also need to increase our mental state of wanting to win all the time even against easy teams, instead of playing down to their level.”

Pullen also added that the team has to change their habit of relaxing in the middle of a set.

“We need to work on playing all the way through the game,” Pullen said. “Sometimes we give up a lead that we have earned because we stop playing at the level we know how to play.”

According to Carr, if the team continues playing like they are now, they will have success later on in the year.

“If we are able to improve these things, I think we will have a very good future in the sub-state tournament and possibly state as well,” Carr said.

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