Underrated KC: Made in KC

This week we went to local shop Made in KC


Ally Nguyen and Katya Gillig

For this week’s blog, we decided to change things up a bit. While we do like grabbing a bite to eat with each other, there is a lot more to Kansas City than local food places. So, we went to Made in KC: a clothing company that specializes in Kansas City themed apparel.

We instantly knew that we would like the store because their slogan is “cultivating creativity.” None of us are self-proclaimed amazing artists, but we do enjoy getting to see just how gifted the people from around our amazing city are.

There are three locations total, but we went to the one in Overland Park. Made in KC offers a variety of items from Chiefs themed t-shirts, to cedar wood scented candles, to “Macho Mayo” gift sets. The store was created as a platform for local artists and designers to be able to sell their creations. It also features the KC famous t-shirt brand, Charlie Hustle.

Everything about the interior of the store is aesthetically pleasing and the assortment of items could make anyone get lost in there for hours. The colors from the t-shirt displays and the smell from the soap set-up also helped add to why we loved this store.

Although Ally loves coffee as much as the next person, (their Roasterie collections made her want to empty her wallet) her favorite part was definitely the soap, body care and candle products. She is quite the addict to anything that smells good and is a self-proclaimed candle hoarder.

Katya loved the Charlie Hustle shirts. She loves all of the shirts and owns five different ones. The way they display the shirts is very appealing as you can view all the different shirts without digging through all of the piles.

Overall, we enjoyed this store and highly recommend it if you’re looking for some new Kansas City apparel. Made in KC is also a great spot to go holiday shopping. A lip balm from a local farm is a perfect gift for that distant relative you don’t know well, but still have to get a gift for.

Photos by Katya Gillig

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