The high cost of sports: Volleyball

Junior Alicia Pickett talks about how much money she spends playing club volleyball

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How much do you spend on volleyball per season?

[I spend] $6000 [per season].

What do you spend the most money on for volleyball?

Traveling [is the most expensive].

What equipment or costs go into the sport?

You have to pay for shoes and uniforms, warm-ups, and hotels … stuff like that. You have to pay for tournaments, but I think that is just part of the annual fee that you have to pay for just to play volleyball Dynasty. Which [I think] is $2,380 this year.

What are the benefits of paying said amount of money to be on a club team?

You get better coaching and great experiences. You get to make great friends and you have really good competition. I learn a lot more through club and I get a lot better. I want to play [volleyball] in college, so being on a club team will help prepare me for that.

Is it worth the expenses? 

Yes. I’ve gone to nationals every year I’ve played for club and that’s actually really amazing because only about 5 or 6 percent of people actually get to go, so being able to go and play the best teams in the United States has been a great experience.

How supportive have your parents been?

They come to every tournament. My dad is an assistant coach for me so he’s always on the sidelines at my games.

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