The high cost of sports: Dance

Freshman Jesse Haase explains the cost of competitive dance

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How much do you spend on dance per season?

$5000 (competitive, all costs included).

What part of dance do you spend the most money on?

Costumes (custom-made).

What equipment or costs go into dance?

[You pay for] company fees, costume fees, competition routines, professionally taught classes, spirit wear, choreography, hair pieces, rhinestones, makeup, jewelry, company jacket.

What are the benefits of paying said amount of money to be on a club team?

It is all pretty similar, but with company, I feel like you get more out of it. When you are on company, you’re around everyone else for longer periods of time, so you make more friendships and I just think it really helps you improve as a dancer. When you go to a competition, that makes you want to work harder when you see the people around you, so I feel like that also helps make you improve as a dancer.

Is it worth the expenses? 

Definitely. I guess it depends on how much you love it. I’ve been doing it since I was little, so I can’t imagine my life without it, so I think it’s totally worth it.

How supportive have your parents been?

They’re always trying to help me find what’s best for me. They’re always taking me to my classes and they’re always there at my competitions.

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