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Drum majors lead band to success

Drum majors lead band to success

Tanner Smith, JagWire reporter/photographer

March 14, 2019

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It starts out with a whistle. Then you feel the vibration of the drums. You see the band walk in. You feel the heartbeat of the drums. All of this is a result of hours of practice and strong leadership. According to senior drum captain Zach Bossert, band only works when everyone is on the same pag...

The science of sound

The science of sound

Libby Mullican, JAG editor-in-chief

December 21, 2018

Filed under Special coverage, VOICES

JAG staffer: How do we produce sound? Science teacher Eric Thomas: It starts with the diaphragm and the lungs. The diaphragm acts on the lungs and it [relays] pressure to either bring air into the lungs or exhale air out of the lungs. The same thing affects your vocal cords, so as you speak, air is pushed p...

Junior Isabella Baker enjoys STEM-based classes and activities

Junior Isabella Baker enjoys STEM-based classes and activities

Anna Owsley, JagWire reporter/photographer

December 13, 2018

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Scribbling complex mathematical equations across her paper in a classroom dominated by males, junior Isabella Baker finds herself representing the face of modern femininity in the masculine world of STEM.      After a childhood of dreaming about fashion as her future, Baker grew to recognize a uni...

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