Youth For Refugees club makes a comeback

Students involved in the club explain its significance in our society, as well as their hopes for its future


By Katelyn Krosky

Informing her fellow club members, President Emma Clement announces Youth for Refugees positions on Oct. 4

Jules Shumaker, Interviewer/Writer

Due to COVID-19 restrictions last year, the Youth For Refugees club was in danger of closing its doors. The members’ opportunities to volunteer within the community were limited. 

Even with these obstacles, though, the students remain optimistic, and look forward to a successful year. 

Sophomore Riley Martin, the secretary of the club, says she is excited for a chance to do  “hands on work,” referring to the activities the club has done previously in our community as well as fundraisers they have volunteered for in hopes of helping those in need. 

Martin believes the club is important, saying that it offers students the chance to learn about, “…issues outside of what you face in your day-to-day life”. 

These opportunities to volunteer connect back to the three different committees that the club has established, including advocacy, education and volunteering.

Junior Sarah Johnston, the club’s advocate committee leader, says the club will focus on, “outreaching to our school… as well as educating people and informing them of ways they can help.”

Outreach will not only be central to our school, but also to the rest of our community and will,“help ensure that we have volunteering and education mixed together,” Johnston said. 

In addition to this, club facilitator Jeff Wieland hopes the club can help to correct any  “prejudices, beliefs and stereotypes about refugees that may not fit reality.”. 

The club, which meets every other Monday in Wieland’s classroom, is open to all students, regardless of any previous knowledge of the subject. 

As the group continues to grow, Wieland says they are looking for, “…people who are committed, interested and want to help others.” 


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