Mill Valley News

New teachers introduce themselves to the school

Jack Lopez, JagWire managing editor

August 30, 2011

This year, the school has siezed the opportunity to welcome seven new teachers to the staff. JagWire has taken the chance to get to know some of their stories.   Science teacher Alyssa Auld: What class and grade do you teach? I teach...

Seven questions with attendance secretary Sonny Thomas

Josh Duden, news editor

August 23, 2011

 How did you go about getting the new position of attendance secretary at the school? I have been a teacher for three and a half years in Mayer, Ariz. I was a high school English teacher but moved back to be closer to my fami...

Track team’s success continues

Emily Johnson, photographer

April 13, 2011

Despite unfavorable weather on Thursday, April 7, the varsity track team was successful at the annual Jaguar Invitational, hosting De Soto, Maranatha, Shawnee Mission West, Ottawa, Schlagle and Washington. The girls team finished...

Interactive snow removal maps should be utilized in Shawnee

Sarah Darby, news editor

February 24, 2011

Winter is finally ending in Shawnee after accumulation of near-record breaking amounts of snow and such severe storms as “The Blizzard of Oz,” on Wednesday Feb. 1. This year, in particular, technology played an increased...

Harry Potter fans show excitement for the last movie

Kaitlin Rounds, reporter

November 16, 2010

Junior Tyler Kile remembers when he was seven years old finding a stick in his yard and attempting to levitate his dog by pointing his new found "wand." He repeatedly yelled the spell "wingardium leviosa" over and over, just w...

This Halloween let’s leave the trick or treating for little kids

Emily Johnson, reporter/photographer

October 25, 2010

There is nothing more adorable than seeing dozens of toddlers and elementary students dressed as fairies, monsters and superheroes running excitedly from house to house on Halloween. Only one thing could possibly ruin this...

Senior takes up mixed martial arts fighting

Joel Hodgdon, reporter

September 23, 2010

Tall, intimidating, and athletic, senior Trey Johnson is a modern day gladiator. Johnson practices three sports; kickboxing, wrestling, and an Asian form of martial arts called Muay Thai, all to perfect his chosen sport. This...

Interchange project affects many students’ daily routines

Katelyn Appleby, reporter

June 1, 2010

The $21. 5 million construction project to renovate the K-7 and Johnson Drive intersection began Monday, March 22. Once the interchange project is completed, Johnson Drive/55th Street will run under K-7. Two roundabouts will be...