Girls tennis team beats De Soto High School overall 7-5

By Emily Johnson

Cory Reinoehl, reporter

On Thursday, Sept. 1, the girls tennis team took on De Soto High School. They started off by playing doubles and the varsity team went 3-1. On court one, senior Kelli Rutherford and senior Lauren Shurley lost their match 6-1. On court two, junior Sarah Wetzel and junior JoyLynn Kennedy won their match 6-4. Senior Hillary Rupp and senior Courtney Minter came out on top on their 6-4 one set match. Then junior Eleanor English and junior Mallory Baska played together and won their match, 6-4.

For Baska this was her first varsity match. Baska had only just showed up to watch and it turned out De Soto had an extra player to play doubles. When Baska got offered to play she immediatley went and got her racquet and got onto the court. Baska was nervous when she stepped on the court.

 “Yes, (I was nervous) because this is my first year to play tennis, and I wasn’t expecting to play, just watch. I didn’t play my best but pretty well, because I won.” said Baska.

Baska was happy to win her first match.

“I don’t know it felt good, I was happy because I thought I was going to lose.” said Baska.

The meet then went to singles where Mill Valley High School went 3-4 against the tough De Soto team.

Wetzel vs. Paige Williams lost 8-1

Rutherford vs. Gabriella Becerra lost 8-3

 Shurley vs. Crissy Ryun lost 6-2

 Rupp vs. Cassie Zoller won 6-2

 Minter vs. Lauren Darter lost 6-0

 English vs. Olivia Cline won 8-7

 Baska vs. Jordan Fisher won 8-5

 In the end, the girls tennis team won seven overall matches and lost five matches.

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