StuCo aims to make changes in upcoming school year

StuCo plans on moving in a more student-oriented direction in the upcoming school year


By Hunter Ristau

After coming in for a StuCo workday on Sunday, Jan. 8, student body President Hannah Barnes paints a sign for the winter homecoming dance. “Creating diverse event opportunities will help get all areas of the school involved,” Barnes said.

John Lehan and Katya Gillig

By Katya Gillig

To improve upon last year, StuCo aims to incorporate new ideas to help get the student body more involved.

These ideas came in part from a StuCo camp attended by five StuCo members, including junior Ashley Grega. According to Grega, the camp was a good opportunity to share and receive ideas with other schools, which could be intimidating for some of the members.

“In order to [get out of your comfort zone] you had to show leadership skills by going out, sharing your ideas with everyone, and kind of putting yourself out there,” Grega said.

Student body president Hannah Barnes also intends to implement new winter events to continue school spirit throughout the school year.

“This year in StuCo I would like to see an increase in events during the winter months,” Barnes said. “Every year we get into these stale periods, that’s when energy and spirit starts to go down. I think this can [be fixed] by getting StuCo members to be more invested in the community.”

Barnes hopes to increase school spirit specifically during homecoming week. She hopes these changes will better represent the student body.

“StuCo has a lot of rad spirit days in the works which will hopefully be appealing to the student body,” Barnes said. “This year we want to take into account what the students [want] so we can best represent them.”

According to Grega, one focus of StuCo will be the ability to unite different parts of the community through its events.

“I love how [we] try to get everyone in the school involved,” Grega said. “No matter if you do sports, don’t do them, do musical, band, don’t do anything, I just love how StuCo is a way to have events people can all come to and have fun at.”

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