Pegah’s offers average food for cheap

Local restaurant serves mediocre food for reasonable prices

At Pegah’s Family Restaurant, where the motto is “Comfort is Just a Spoonful Away,” that’s exactly was one can expect. Comfort food is served for cheap at breakfast, lunch and dinner by a hospitable wait staff.

Upon arriving, one is greeted and sat in their choice of a table or any of several large, comfortable booths almost immediately. Once seated, friendly servers offer as much time as necessary to look over the menu. When ready, they take orders and food is delivered within a reasonable amount of time.

The coffee is aromatic, hot and freshly brewed. However, the food itself is merely average to say the least. The presentation resembles what one might receive at home more so than a restaurant. Few measures are taken to make the meal appear attractive and appetizing.

For example, the chocolate chip pancakes are simply plain, buttermilk pancakes with a handful of chocolate chips sprinkled on top. The cinnamon rolls are alluring and of course, there’s no such thing as bad bacon. Yet, the rest of the menu is pretty unmemorable and seems as though it could be recreated at home.

What might keep one from staying at home though are the fair prices and upstanding atmosphere. Large-screen TVs are mounted on either side of the restaurant and music plays throughout the restaurant.

What the food lacks in memorability is made up for with the reasonable costs. You really get what you pay for as servings might be considered rather insufficient for someone with a large appetite, however.

Pegah’s Family Restaurant is an ideal place for those on a budget looking to escape the monotony and work of cooking at home.

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