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By Victoria Wright

As part of his morning routine, junior Logan Talley eats banana bread and talks to juniors Steven Colling, Ryan Bauer and Harry Ahrenholtz before school on Tuesday, April 17.

Food and friends draw group of boys to cafeteria before school

Commons bestows spacious area for boys to relax, talk and study

April 25, 2018

Mornings, many students can find a group of 20 to 25 boys huddled at the end of the table in the middle of the commons.

By Victoria Wright
Following his morning workout at zero hour on Tuesday, April 17, junior Jayce Zukowski sits in the cafeteria with his football teammates to eat breakfast and work on homework. “I [eat] whatever they are serving that morning,” Zukowski said. “I enjoy this routine because it wakes me up and gets my mind right for the day ahead.”

On the tables are just about everything imaginable: binders, muffins, innumerable water and juice bottles, milk cartons, even the heads of sleepy students. In the mornings before school, junior Jake Ashford finds himself with his friends at this table.

At the beginning of the year, Ashford spent his time before school in the locker banks. Whenever he would grab breakfast from the Snack Shack, Ashford would see his friends all eating together and decided to eat with them.

Compared to other places in the school, Ashford prefers the commons.

“It just seems more open and easier to talk around,” Ashford said. “We also have food, so that’s a plus.”

Between studying, grabbing a bite to eat and good conversations, Ashford enjoys his time spent before school.

“[I like that] all my friends are here,” Ashford said. “It’s like relaxing before school starts.”

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