Orientation helps largest freshman class adjust

StuCo organized games, team-building activities, tours and Q&A session for incoming freshmen

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The largest freshman class in school history arrived for orientation on Monday, Aug. 19.

The class of 380 students spent the day carrying out activities intended to familiarize them with the school and its traditions, such as a Q&A session with StuCo members, a tour of the school, learning the fight song, attending each class for several minutes to meet the teachers and learning the rollercoaster game.

StuCo sponsor Erica Crist said that, along with help from upperclassmen, freshman orientation was successful in getting freshmen comfortable with the school.

“I think that all the upperclassmen who helped all did a good job of actually conversing with them and showing them the ins and outs of Mill Valley High School. I think [it was helpful] having some time in the school to get to know the teachers and where things are before they actually had to go to class.”

Freshman Jacob Tieher thought the day was helpful in allowing freshmen to make the adjustment to high school.

“I thought it was a good day overall. The way they did it made it a lot less overwhelming,” Tieher said. “I like that we got to go to each class for like 5 minutes and see where they are. I just thought they did a really good job with freshman orientation. I think they should keep doing it this way.”

Freshman Tyler Lamb agrees, although he wishes the tour had been more extensive.

“It was kind of like just randomly walking around on the tour and I thought if it would’ve been more organized, that would’ve been helpful,” Lamb said.

Crist hopes to improve the tours for future years.

“I think we need to organize our school tours more because there are so many people going on them at one time, but we’ve made improvements over the last few years that have helped us,” Crist said. “There’s not much we need to change for next year.”

Freshman mentor Maddie Butterfield thinks that the day successfully oriented freshmen with the school and was glad to have the opportunity to help them.

“I thought it went really well. It was fun to see the freshmen figure out where they were going,” Butterfield said. “It’s exciting to have such a cool class coming in.”

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