National Art Honor Society holds chili bowl sale

Money raised by the event goes towards future projects and supplies


By Photo by Ashley Kitchen

The National Art Honor Society hosted their annual chili bowl sale on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Junior Alex Ralston was one of the students few students who chose to display their bowls to be sold. "It felt good about being able to make art that other people would see and possible use," Ralston said.

The National Art Honor Society conducted a fundraiser on Tuesday, Feb. 23 where they sold ceramic bowls and chili raising $500 for the club.

All proceeds of the event support NAHS. The money will be spent on supplies needed to conduct more projects such as murals and new projects for the club.

The fundraiser featured student’s projects that have been judged and awarded by art teachers.

NAHS sponsor Jerry Howard enjoys that the fundraiser is an opportunity for students to receive feedback on their art.

“[The fundraiser] gives students the experience of getting their projects judged and looked at, just like a professional art show,” Howard said.

Art teacher Erica Crist said she likes to give students the opportunity to showcase their art.

“I enjoy that the students get to show off their work,” Crist said. “I like that the community can come in and see how much talent we have here.”

Senior NAHS secretary Logan Robertson likes the publicity the fundraiser brings to the club.

“It might get kids more interested in joining,” Robertson said. “It will help spread the word since a lot of people don’t even know there is an art club at Mill Valley.”

Senior NAHS president Anna Frontura was excited by the community’s interest in the club’s artwork.

“I like it when people ask questions about the artwork,” Frontura said. “It’s nice to see that people like it, not just because it is pretty.”


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