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All my friends have SillyBandz, so I need one, right?

Joel Hodgdon, reporter/ads

September 23, 2010

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If you feel like you’ve seen this trend before, it is because you have. This month, the stupid sensation sweeping the nation are SillyBandz. In middle school, everyone wore Lance Armstrong’s much hyped “Livestrong” bands, and now everyone wants SillyBandz. Ironically distributed by the same...

There is nothing wrong with colored rubber bands

Austin Gillespie, reporter

September 23, 2010

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What do rubber bands, animals and fashion accessories have to do with each other? Normally, nothing. SillyBandz have come up with a way to bridge the gap and I like it. It seems as if almost everywhere you look, at least a few of these things, intended for kids, can be found on just anyone’s wrist,...

First Fridays provide place for students to view local artwork

Kaitlin Rounds, reporter

September 20, 2010

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From the open galleries filled with paintings and photographs of everything imaginable to impromptu drumline and other off beat musicals acts, First Fridays, a once monthly event in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, is truly a unique experience. First Friday takes place on the first Friday of...

Our generation is in need of a perspective change

Katelyn Appleby, reporter

June 1, 2010

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I’m spoiled. I’ll admit it because it’s completely true; I have never gone without in my life (P.S. a parent telling you no on the iPhone isn’t going without.) I’ve been lucky enough to have parents that have provided a very, very comfortable standard of living. And I know that I am not alone...

Celebrities today have the star power minus the power

Sarah Darby

June 1, 2010

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In my parent’s day, The Beatles, John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa influenced their generation in a way they could never affect ours. It’s a "you had to be there" kind of thing; our generation can not even begin to fathom the impacts some of the "greats" had on previous...

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