Review of Hien Vuong Restaurant

By Photo by Jack Lopez

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Hien Vuong is a great restaurant for an authentic and delicious Vietnamese experience if you have plenty of time to sit and wait for your meal.

Although there are less than 10 tables to sit at, it takes approximately an hour from when you begin service to when your bill is paid. The time is well used by the cooks, though, as the food comes out steaming and delicious.  The spring rolls offer a refreshing taste of cilantro that is balanced by the carrots and shrimp to create an overall crisp and light snack.

A recommended dish is the shrimp with mushrooms and vegetable plate. The large proportions of seasonal vegetables covered in plum sauce compliment the well-cooked shrimp to construct an overall hearty dish. For fresh, authentic and great tasting Vietnamese food, the prices are affordable and the food will leave you feeling satisfied and full.

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