We need more LGBT representation

Entertainment media possesses a unique way to spread acceptance and awareness for the LGBT community

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We need more LGBT representation

Dominic Martinez, guest reporter

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In today’s world of television and film, the LGBT community doesn’t get much representation at all. When it does, it’s usually tainted with stereotypes and negativity. Personally, I feel that it is important and necessary to have positive LGBT representation in films and TV. I feel so strongly because having this type of representation will remind those who are closeted that they are not alone and that they are understood.

Recently, a film titled “Love, Simon” was released and put onto the big screen for millions of eager eyes to watch. It is a cheesy, coming-of-age film about a closeted, gay teenage boy trying to lead a normal life while keeping his secret.

Many have been quick to say that the film is unnecessary and trying too hard to force the LGBT lifestyle into people’s lives. What they seem to miss is that a film such as this one is extremely necessary. It stays true to the classic, cheesy coming-of-age film style that draws an audience of all age groups, but stars a gay male character and other minority members of the community. It is enough to make those who are closeted or even those who are out, feel truly understood and heard. When I was closeted, seeing a film such as “Love, Simon” would have empowered me and inspired me in many ways. It would have given me the courage to be who I am, and earlier.

Unfortunately in today’s society, it is seen unnecessary for LGBT representation to be shown in films or on television. According to many, it forces those beliefs upon the lifestyles of others, but they don’t realize that a vast majority of cinema features straight characters and heterosexual love stories. Looking back to when I was closeted, I rarely saw any positive LGBT representation. I know for certain that if I had seen that representation, it would have been easier for me to make amends with who I am and to accept myself.

So why are people so against representation in more works of cinematography? What is really boils down to is blatant homophobia, which is all the more reason why there should more LGBT representation in films and television.

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