Unified Bowling places sixth at regionals

Unified Bowling placed sixth at regionals Thursday, Nov. 11

Allison Seck, JAG editor-in-chief

Unified Bowling placed sixth at regionals Thursday, Nov. 11 at Park Lanes Family Fun Center. Unified Bowling, a new KSHSSA sport, is designed to promote social inclusion through shared sports training. The sport combines students with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team.

According to special education teacher Sara Evans, Unified Bowling helps special education students feel part of something.

“They get to compete against other schools just like every other high school sport,” Evans said. “It puts them in the spotlight doing something they enjoy.” 

Partner and senior Jack Weber believed that Unified Bowling helps to include all students in the district. 

“Unified Bowling is important because it bridges the gap between all students at Mill Valley and De Soto,” Weber said. “It allows for the special education students to be a part of and to work with the other students at Mill Valley and De Soto.” 

While Mill Valley has participated in Unified Basketball, Soccer and Bocce Ball in the past, Unified Bowling is the only KSHSAA sport offered currently. Evans thought it is a good opportunity for her students. 

“To me, the best part is watching our students participate in an actual school sport with their friends and peers,” Evans said. “I would love to see other KSHSAA sports offer this opportunity.” 

Athlete and sophomore Tucker Tibbits enjoyed his time with the Unified Bowling team. 

“[Bowling] was really good,” Tibbits said. “[I had lots of fun] with my friends [and teachers].” 

Weber enjoyed watching his teammates’ reactions during meets. 

“The best part of Unified Bowling is watching my teammates smile,” Weber said. “Unified Bowling is an opportunity for the special education students and their peers to bowl together.” 

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