Trying new foods is worth it

Trying new foods and not sticking to the usual can be very rewarding

Andrew Tow, JagWire photo editor

Trying new things has been something that I have been challenging myself with for quite some time. It has been more of a lifestyle switch for me. As a young kid, I often would shy away from things that would scare me and, like most kids, trying new foods was something that I was very afraid of. I can remember plenty of times where I was the last one at the table because I wouldn’t try what my mom made. Lately, however, I really enjoy trying new things and I encourage everyone to push themselves and try something new even if it seems like you wouldn’t like.

Just this weekend, me and a buddy of mine went down to the Crossroads and tried a place called Mission Taco. I had never been to this restaurant before and was a little hesitant to even go there in the first place, but I knew something good could happen if I would just try it. Looking at the menu, I noticed they had a wide variety of tacos with fillings I had never had before. While glancing through the menu I noticed a portobello taco. Before this I never knew what a portobello mushroom even was — all I knew was that I didn’t even like mushrooms — but I decided to try it anyways.

This split-second decision was one that lead to glorious rewards of probably the best taco I have ever had. Just think I almost skipped going to this restaurant. This is not an isolated event for me. There have been many times where I have tried a new food just as an offhand decision and it paid off. If only I had learned this at an earlier age! Just think of all the excellent food you could be missing out on when you just stick to the usual. So as the ex co-director of “Nicole and Andy Cook,” I recommend that you don’t let little things get in the way of you not trying something new. 

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