There is not enough evidence to impeach president Trump

Despite many of his actions seeming shady, there is no evidence that he has committed an impeachable offense

Evan Sherman, JagWire photo editor

An excellent example of this is Trump’s deal with Ukraine. Trump threatened to stop aid and end the sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine unless they launched an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Trump originally lied and stated that it never happened, even though there was definitive evidence that it did, and he eventually owned up to it. Even if it was explicitly illegal, the majority of the Senate is Republican, so impeachment would not go through.

Other acquisitions of impeachable offenses committed by the president have no evidence to support them or are not impeachable. For example, Trump was under the legal purview with his decisions to fire both Special Counsel Robert Mueller and FBI Director James Comey. The president has every power dictated to them to do so. 

Another claim is sexual assault. Any accusations of sexual assault are just that – accusations, none of which have reached a legal verdict. Therefore, they cannot be used as a legitimate justification for impeachment.

The most popular accusation is that Trump obstructed justice. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who investigated possible obstruction, found no conclusive evidence as to whether obstruction happened.

None of this is to say that Donald Trump has been a great president, and the fact that so many are calling for his impeachment is a surefire sign that his rhetoric has not been great. Even if the impeachment process makes it through the House, it would still need to make it through the Republican-majority senate. Instead of trying to bring Trump down after losing the election, it would be best if the Democratic Party focused on electing an honest and reliable presidential candidate. 

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