The truth about senior year


Cassidy Doran, JAG photo editor

When you’re the oldest grade in the building in fifth and eighth grade, it’s amazing to feel like you rule the school. Then, you have special events like the fifth grade farewell and the eighth grade trip to Worlds of Fun, but being head of the school as a senior is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

Prior to senior year, teachers and peers share the basics with you, but hearing about it is nothing like actually going through it yourself. As an underclassman, you see and hear about Blue Bomb, senior bonding and graduation meetings, but no one could have prepared me for my last high school football game or the last homecoming week of my high school career.

Yes, there is an amazing amount of fun in senior year, but there are also scholarships to apply for. The counselors may have monthly meetings to tell you about upcoming scholarships, you don’t actually do them until your mom starts yelling at you. Scholarships take so much time, and if you have senioritis like I do, then it makes it even harder to want to apply.

Don’t forget about the wonderful senioritis that everyone hears about. Is it really true? The answer is yes. When senioritis hits, you feel an overwhelming amount of laziness. You suddenly have no motivation anymore (other than going to the gym to lose weight that you’re going to gain back first semester of your freshman year of college).

When senioritis has fully set in second semester, all you think about is your future. Where are you going? What are you going to do with your life? These questions are very important and necessary to know that you are going somewhere other than Mill Valley. But there is one more very important question: How are you going to decorate your dorm?

The hours you have available from not doing your homework really help when on Pinterest and Amazon looking for dorm room decorating ideas. When looking at ideas, you want to have something you love, because you’re going to be stuck with your room for a whole year. Not only will you be stuck with your room, but also your roommate. It’s a huge decision of who you are going to room with but once you find the best person you will know.

After deciding on a college, finding a roommate and now the countless hours of idea generating for your dorm, everything will fall into place. The future is so exciting, but you have to get through senior year to see it. Although the future is scary, you will find your path and never want to look back. But also, don’t let those last few months at the Valley fade away. It’s still your senior year, so do everything you can to make it the best several months of your life.

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