The JagWire reviews four different taco restaurants in the Kansas City area

Staff members chose their next destination based on recommendation from employees at the previous restaurant

April 11, 2017

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By Hunter Ristau


2856 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, MO

Rating: 4.5/5

Walking up to the first location, we felt that we were stepping into a restaurant that would provide a quality experience. Although the rooms were dimly lit with majority of the light coming from the few windows, the walls were brightly decorated with many pop culture inspired posters and paintings.

Their taco presented itself to appear more basic. The shell had a nice crunch to it and kept in the filling. When it came to the meat, Ponak’s did not let us down. Most of the taco was filled with well-seasoned ground beef. The taco seemed to lay on a bed of excess lettuce that could not fit into the shell with the cheese.

With there being a lot of extra filling on the plate, be prepared to scoop the rest with the fresh tortilla chips. While it was a tough decision between this place and the next place we found ourselves, we gave Ponak’s a 4.5 out of five because of their taco’s fantastic taste.

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By Hunter Ristau

Tacos El Matador

1230 Merriam Lane, Kansas City

Rating: 5/5

After pulling into the parking lot of Tacos El Matador, we could tell that it had a tight-knit feel because of its small size. With an incomplete parking lot and not much outside decor, it was apparent that the restaurant’s success would be solely on their food quality. There was minimal decor on the walls inside, and the tables were positioned in a close proximity. The employees there were extremely friendly, greeting us at the door before leading us to the counter to order.

We didn’t have to wait long before we were brought our meal. The taco dripped with perfection. Every bite consisted of ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream: an amazing combination that provided a sense of at home comfort. Even though they were loaded with toppings, the edges remained crispy. It was the perfect amount of each topping to compliment the well-seasoned ground beef.

The flavors all worked together effortlessly, resulting in an amazing taco. With the food being phenomenal, we just had to give the tacos a perfect five. Due to the excellent taste, and the perfect amount of each ingredient in it, the tacos found a great place in our ratings and in our stomachs.

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By Hunter Ristau

La Fuente

10901 W 75 Street, Shawnee

Rating: 2/5

Excited with what was to come, we walked into a naturally lit room. This was the largest restaurant that we went in to on our taco journey, and had the most family-friendly vibes. The overall layout was similar to that of a family restaurant with more open area filled up with booths and a bar.

Here, the taco initially looked as appetizing as the rest, but they fell short when it came to taste. We could taste an undeniable hint of lemon, which gave the taco an overpowering citrus taste.

This was our least favorite taco. The toppings were very basic, only cold lettuce and cheese on top of lukewarm ground beef. The filling also had a chalky consistency that was hard to chew without sipping on water.

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By Hunter Ristau

La Chihuahua

7769 Quivira Road, Shawnee

Rating: 3.5/5

At our last stop, we began to feel the effects of the previous taco places on our appetite, but that did not hinder our excitement for more food. We had to do a double take, however, when we approached the final restaurant to make sure that we were at a taco place. Contrasting the previous restaurants, the bright, electric green on the walls reminded us of a smoothie place.

Stepping into the restaurant, we were greeted by an empty counter and the overwhelming smell of seasoned meat. We were greeted by a young woman who took our orders at the kitchen counter.

While we were skeptical of the location, we were glad we continued on and ordered our tacos. Unfortunately, they did not offer your average ground beef taco, so we went with the carne asada street tacos. The meat inside was well-seasoned steak bits with only onion and cilantro to compliment as toppings. The shell of the taco was warm and fluffy, which perfectly tied together the meal as a whole.

The combination seemed so simple, because there were only two toppings, but it was definitely worth the money and it was a great mix-up from your traditional taco.

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