The current public school system lacks choices for students

Teachers aren’t properly introducing new methods of learning


Molly Smith, JAG reporter/photographer

Throughout my years of schooling, I have seen the new methods of teaching incorporated into my classes. These procedures are used to find the most beneficial way to teach the students as a collective body, but individual students and their learning styles never seem to be the priority. Students tend to lack a sense of choice and preference when it comes to their schooling and what is the most advantageous to their success.

A majority of the time, when a teacher strays from the usual ‘stand at the whiteboard with a presentation’ while teaching , it is just a trial run. After the trial period, the teacher normally asks for feedback from their students to see how they perceived the new method of learning. When there isn’t a period of feedback and students fail to learn with the new method, issues arise.

In one of my classes, where the topics learned every day are essential to understand, we have adapted a new procedure of learning where the learning is done in a video at home and the practice is done in class. Day after day, I see my peers confused and unable to ask for a lot of help since the learning has been moved from the classroom to the home. This method of teaching, while beneficial on paper, can lead to two paths through students. The first path being more positive, where students succeed with the latest method, but become too reliant on it and struggle with normal teaching techniques in future years. The second outcome consists of students not learning the lessons outside of school, meaning they do not understand or they cannot do the lesson since they have minimal time to focus on their work.

When students come back to the classroom to apply the lesson, it is hard to ask questions in which can impact students’ grades on the test. Either of the outcomes that the new teaching style brings can negatively impact students at some point though the year. While most of my peers have benefitted from this teaching style, it is very difficult to adapt to a process which doesn’t work for others. I believe students should have a choice in the way that they receive their education. The idea of trying out new methods of teaching connects to the lack of variety and choice for the student to select a form of learning that is most beneficial to them.

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