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Facebook releases list of 40 most shared articles for 2011

Kaitlin Rounds, web editor

November 29, 2011

Earlier this afternoon, Facebook released a list of the 40 most shared news articles in 2011. This list is expected to be updated again at the end of the year, but the current list reflects much of the nation's interests and is...

You’re free to type what you please…to an extent

Austin Gillespie, a&e editor

October 24, 2011

It’s no secret that social networking profiles allow a user to express himself virtually however he may please. However, certain unspoken rules still apply. Problematic tweeting and Facebook status updating appear to be cont...

Spreading cancer awareness by Facebook is not effective

Kaitlin Rounds, reporter

November 16, 2010

Facebook is a great way to update your friends on what you’re doing and stay in touch with ones you may not see as much through photos and wall posts. Facebook, however, may not be the best way to find a cure for cancer. The...