Swim team places at Blue Valley West Invitational

Cassi Benson, JAG reporter

The girls swimming team beat Turner and De Soto High School at the Blue Valley West Invitational on Monday, April 8 placing fifth out of seven teams.

To prepare for the meet the swimmers made sure to get enough sleep over the weekend and listen to their coaches encouragement. The team has succeeded so far this year because they try their hardest.

“We succeed at trying our best by going out there every practice and every meet and doing the best of our ability,” sophomore Michaela Dervin said.

According to Dervin, cheering helped the swimmers succeed.

“My favorite part about the meet was my 100 meter breaststroke because I had people at both ends of the pool cheering me on saying ‘you can do this,’” Dervin said.

The swimmers got to meet many new people and learn each others strengths.

“The thing I like most is getting to know everybody, our abilities and creating that team unity,” Dervin said.

The coaches made the meet unique by telling the swimmers to attempt different races.

“The coaches told us we need to ‘broaden our horizon’ and try new events,” Dervin said. “When one person succeeds, we succeed as a team.”


The results are:


200 Yard Medley Relay


6th place 2:29.29

freshman Sims, Jennifer

sophomore Dervin, Michaela

sophomore Brewer, Krista

freshman Meredith, Claudia


7th place 2:51.21

junior Thomas, Madison

freshman Deckard, Rebecca

senior Vannicola, Maria

freshman Badger, Shelby


200 Yard Free


5th place 2:29.88

freshman McLeod, Sherry


6th place 2:38.23

sophomore Uridge, Emma


10th place 2:48.66

freshman Lutz, Lilly


13th place x2:56.08

Dervin, Michaela


200 Yard IM


7th place 3:07.44

Brewer, Krista


8th place 3:08.16

junior Jones, Regan


9th place 3:11.24

Sims, Jennifer


10th place x3:13.50

sophomore McCabe, Mikaela


50 Yard Free


11th place 30.31

senior Miller, Molly


14th place 31.60

Vannicola, Maria


16th place 31.87

freshman Hellon, Claire


17th place x32.76

sophomore Hafer, Olivia


21st place x35.75

junior Fangman, Gabrielle


24th place x37.10

freshman Garvey, McKenna


27th place x40.41

sophomore Lee, Kiera


30th place x42.46

senior Leao, Marcela


31st place x42.69

sophomore Conteras, Hannah


32nd place x44.90

sophomore Nguyen, Amber


100 Yard Fly


6th place 1:27.75

Vannicola, Maria


7th place 1:29.06

Brewer, Krista


8th place 1:34.41

freshman Wheeler, Julia


100 Yard Free


11th place 1:10.15

freshman Meredith, Claudia


13th place 1:11.34

Uridge, Emma


15th place 1:13.63

Wheeler, Julia


16th place x1:14.33

Miller, Molly


17th place x1:14.59

Sims, Jennifer


19th place x1:15.35

Hafer, Olivia


20th place x1:15.98

McCabe, Mikaela


21st place x1:16.45

freshman Knoff, Kat


23rd place x1:16.64

Thomas, Madison


24th place x1:19.27

freshman Brinker, Natalie


28th place x1:23.31

sophomore Marney, Logan


29th place x1:23.65

senior Casper, Kristen


31st place x1:26.76

Fangman, Gabrielle


34th place x1:29.47

senior Hague, Ashley


35th place x1:29.68

Deckard, Rebecca


36th place x1:29.88

Garvey, McKenna


37th place x1:34.26

Lee, Kiera


200 Yard Free Relay


7th place 2:06.58

Lutz, Lilly

Meredith, Claudia

Vannicola, Maria

Miller, Molly


8th place 2:12.03

Thomas, Madison

Wheeler, Julia

Hellon, Claire

Jones, Regan


15th place x2:38.42

Brinker, Natalie

Garvey, Meaghan

Frehe, Amber

Casper, Kristen


100 Yard Back


4th place 1:10.63

McLeod, Sherry


6th place 1:19.54

Jones, Regan


100 Yard Breast


9th place 1:38.41

Dervin, Michaela


11th place 1:45.06

Deckard, Rebecca


12th place 1:51.31

Hellon, Claire


400 Yard Free Relay


5th place 5:04.18

Lutz, Lilly

Meredith, Claudia

Hellon, Claire

McCabe, Mikaela


7th place 5:25.00

Wheeler, Julia

Hague, Ashley

Fangman, Gabrielle

Thomas, Madison

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