Students take charge of upcoming Bark For Life event

The event will take place Saturday, Oct. 20 at Garrett Park to raise money for the American Cancer Society


By Andrew Tow

At the committee meeting on Thursday, Oct. 4, senior Fatima Hernandez discusses the future Bark for Life event with other committee members.

Madison Larson

Anna Owsley and Tatum Elliott

Bark For Life, a new preliminary event for the annual Relay For Life, is being held Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Garrett Park on 47th St.

At the Bark For Life event, participants are invited to take their dogs out for a few hours of games, contests, food and even a visit from the Shawnee Police Department’s canine unit.

By Marah Shulda
Faculty advisor Cory Wurtz has helped Jaguar Nation, Mill Valley’s Relay For Life event, take charge with this year’s new Bark For Life event.

“We are incorporating dogs into [the event] for people to do something outside with their animal that raises money for cancer,” Wurtz said. “Just like Relay [For Life], there will be onsite fundraisers, vendors, there will be food, and there will be activities. It’s just three hours, and it’s outdoors for the dogs.”

One of the co-chairmen for Bark For Life, junior Abbie Morgan, wants to see the Bark For Life event grow to become just as successful as Jaguar Nation.

“[Bark For Life] is going to be really fun, and we worked really hard to get it organized,” Morgan said. “Relay For Life is already such a big event, and we just want to make [Bark For Life] just as great. We really want to establish our event this year.”

While Bark For Life of Johnson County and Wyandotte County had previously been its own entity, the task was given to Jaguar Nation to host the event for the two counties this year.

“Because we had done a good job planning it, and we had some kids in Bark For Life, they knew that we had an interest,” Wurtz said.“[Johnson County and Wyandotte County] thought we could increase the participants at their Bark For Life event so they asked if we could take it over. We willingly did because all of the money raised at Bark For Life will go toward our overall total for Jaguar Nation.”

All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, which Morgan views as one of the primary reasons for her excitement, dedication, and involvement with both Bark For Life and Relay For Life.

“I think that being involved in something that is not just about you, and is about the community, and raising money for something that affects so many people like cancer does is important,” Morgan said. “You can’t just focus on yourself for your whole life. I think you have to be involved in something that helps other people, and  I think that [Bark For Life] is just a really great way to do that.”

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