Students learn physical therapy skills under the guidance of school athletic trainer

Students devote time outside of school to pursue physical therapy interests


By Photo by Erika Marsh

In Clint's office on Thursday, April 2nd junior Brittany Ouellette wrapped junior Lucas Krull's wrist before he goes to baseball practice.

Shelby Hudson, JAG editor-in-chief

In pursuit of their interests for their future careers regarding physical therapy, junior Brittany Ouellette and senior Kaitlyn Jackman have been shadowing athletic trainer Clint McAlister for the school year.

Both Jackman and Ouellette have earned experience by being first responders to school athletes during physical activity.

“We have to stay for practices and games,” Ouellette said. “We tape ankles, wrap wrists and prevent injuries for athletes.”

Jackman, who started shadowing her sophomore year, now plans to apply for an athletic training position at the University of Kansas at the end of her freshman year after enjoying the experiences she has had.

“We get first hand experience with every injury,” Jackman said. “I’ve learned to ask questions and get involved.”

Each student who shadows under McAlister’s program must meet a certain amount of varying hours each week. Ouellette notes the simplicity of getting involved with the unique program.

“It was when I had just moved here, so I went down to his room during seminar and asked,” Ouellette said. “He just told me to show up tomorrow.”

Although the program is not a class, Ouellette and Jackman equally devote time during school hours to learning skills alongside McAlister during seminar.

“He is a great mentor, he teaches you a lot and makes it fun,” Ouellette said. “He makes sure you are getting something out of what is happening.”

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