Students join fantasy football leagues

Fantasy football is a way for people to enjoy football with others


By Claire Franke

Looking at his fantasy football team on his laptop, sophomore Christian Uhde makes final changes to hi steam and prepares to watch football on Sunday, Oct. 6.

Zach Shrader, JagWire reporter/photographer

Football season has arrived. That means America will eat, sleep and breathe football for the next few months.

One of the most popular ways people indulge their football craving is by having a fantasy football team.

According to senior Jenna Walker, she decided to join fantasy football this year because it sounded like a fun and was a new way to get exposure to the NFL.

“I decided to do fantasy football because my dad does it and it sounded fun. I am glad I did it this year, because now I pay more attention to the games.”

However, Walker hasn’t spent a ton of time working on her team. Instead, she enlisted the help of her father for the draft.

“I spent about 30 minutes drafting my players with the help of my dad,” Walker said. “Otherwise, I don’t spend much time doing anything else fantasy football related.”

Junior Prathik Gadiraju used his prior knowledge of football to guide his fantasy team.

“[I drafted] what I’ve seen [in games], players that are good or players that are expected to be good. I also looked up stats and projections for about ten minutes, but I didn’t do in-depth research,” said Gadiraju.

According to sophomore Jack Weber, who is in a league with his dad and his dad’s friends, there is also pride on the line to do good at fantasy football.

“[Winning] is very important because if I don’t win, then I get to hear from my dad and my dad’s friends,” Weber said.

But, winning isn’t everything. According to Walker, she enjoys having fun with her friends while playing fantasy football.

“I would love it for my fantasy team to win, but I think it’s fun to play with friends and check on how my players are doing.”

Even some of the staff are getting in on the fun, like football coach Ian Nichols, who is in a league with the rest of the football coaches.

According to Nichols, fantasy football is a good way to stay plugged into the NFL.

“[Fantasy football is] a way to keep tabs on the NFL and it gives you a little bit of interest in more games than just the Chiefs game,” Nichols said.

However, Nichols doesn’t like to share the joy of having a team with others, as he has a strict no-talking-about-fantasy-football rule.

“I have a strict policy: I don’t care about people’s fantasy football teams, so I’m not going to talk about my fantasy football team,” Nichols said.

However, sophomore Jay Ybarra doesn’t do fantasy football because it takes too much time.

“I don’t do fantasy football because it’s too much work. It takes too much time out of my day,” Ybarra said. “I always quit [fantasy football] by week four.”

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