Students collect food for the less fortunate

Canned food collected for food drive


By Photo by Brooke Wiebe

NHS and StuCo adds a Halloween twist to their annual food drive for the Johnson County Christmas Bureau on Sunday, Oct. 26 by trick-or-treating for canned goods.

Nick Booth, JagWire copy editor

National Honors Society and StuCo members went door to door in Halloween costumes to collect food for the hungry on Sunday, Oct. 26 in an organized trick-or-treat so others can eat event. The event took place from 2-4:30 p.m. and helped raise money for the annual food drive.

The students formed groups and competed to see who could gather the most food. Junior Natalie Golden was on the team that won the competition.

“It was exciting,” Golden said. “We were out to win. We split up into groups of about three or four to cover more ground. I think we went to every house in Clear Creek.”

The total number of cans collected is unknown right now, as the cans are still being counted.

Junior Erika Kringen thought the event was a success.

“I think it was very successful because each group came back to the school with a ton of cans and my group personally got a can from almost every single house we went to,” Kringen said. “I [enjoyed] the experience because I knew I was helping a good cause since the food is going to less fortunate people. Overall I also thought it was great because it was an easy way to donate to a good cause because even if someone donated one can it helped.”

Golden also enjoyed the event.

“I thought it was a good opportunity to help the community and get physically involved in helping out,” Golden said. “It was a lot of fun.”

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