Student Council hosts first annual Shamrock Showdown

Retired dodgeball tournament makes its comeback Saturday, March 4

Shamrock Showdown, a dodgeball tournament aimed to raise money for Relay For Life, hosted by StuCo, made its reappearance Saturday, March 4. 

Juniors Aiden Stroebel and Jack Fulcher took home the trophy with their team, Weiner Dogs. Stroebel joined because he thought it would be fun to participate in the new activity with his friends. 

“I heard about it through the StuCo Instagram page. Some of my friends were also talking about wanting to sign up,” Stroebel said. “We thought it would be fun because we always like signing up for school events and activities like these.”

Additionally, Fulcher enjoyed the competition but wished more teams signed up. 

“I liked that it was pretty organized once it started,” Fulcher said. “My least favorite thing though would have to be that there were only five teams so it went by very quickly.”

Moreover, Stroebel wasn’t surprised by their win; he was sure that they would take home the trophy at the beginning of the tournament.

“I did expect us to win,” Stroebel said. “We had the best coaching staff in the nation, so I was pretty confident.”

On the other hand, Fulcher had his doubts at first, and didn’t expect his team to win the whole tournament. 

“Going into the tournament we did not expect to win because we knew there would be good competition and none of us had played in a long time,” Fulcher said. 

Stroebel appreciated the rivalry and enjoyed the competitiveness that he and his team faced. 

“My favorite part was probably the game to get into the championship,” Stroebel said. “It was really competitive and close.”

Like Stroebel, Fulcher looks forward to next year’s tournament in hopes of winning back-to-back years.

“We would definitely do it again next year because we had a great time, it was supporting a good cause, and we will have to defend our title,” Fulcher said.


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