StuCo hosts Mayhem Week students vs. faculty basketball game

Faculty falls to the students 42-37 at the annual event

Taylor Anderson, JAG editor-in-chief

The annual Mayhem Week student vs. faculty basketball game took place on Wednesday, May 4 during seminar. The students won 42-37.

“I just watched, but it was fun to go out and watch classmates of mine that I’ve grown up with play with teachers that have taught us for four years and just compete,” senior Tanner Reed said.

Art teacher Jerry Howard attributed the faculty’s’ loss to the skill of their opponents.

“It feels horrible to lose,” Howard said. “It was fun to compete, but we were a little short handed. We’ll show up better next year. It was still fun to play.”

After competing in pickup games with some of the coaches after school, Howard decided to play as an opportunity to compete against his students instead.

“A lot of [the coaches] meet on Fridays to scrimmage and they’ve started inviting me to play,” Howard said. “I started playing with those guys and then [the basketball game] came up, it just seemed like a natural fit for me to participate. It’s fun to play basketball and it’s also fun to compete against students.”

In addition to the basketball game, Mayhem Week consisted of the dodge ball tournament on Monday, May 3, the talent show on Thursday, May 5 and the mud volleyball tournament on Saturday, May 7.

“I think [Mayhem Week] is just a final hurrah for all the seniors to hang out with friends and get in touch with people they haven’t talked to in a while,” Reed said.

According to Howard, the event proved to be an entertaining way for students to spend seminar.

“It seemed like the crowd was really into it and enjoyed it, so I think it was good,” Howard said.

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