Spring pep assembly focuses on athletic achievement and prom introductions

Audience members also had the chance to participate during class competitions

Ally Nguyen, JagWire opinions editor

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Students gathered in the main gym on Friday, April 28 to watch the recognition of various groups, winter sports and the introduction of prom candidates. Students also participated during the class competitions.

The assembly kicked off with a performance of the fight song by the band while students cheered along. Soon after, the wrestling team and boys swim team were recognized for their achievements.

StuCo Sponsor Erica Crist announced that the freshmen class had won a class competition for their support of Noah’s Bandage Project. Finally, students who competed at the Job Olympics were also recognized for their success.

Student involvement was also a large portion of the assembly, class competitions included scavenger hunts, that involved audience members, and a race, that included one volunteer from each class. The race ended with the junior class and sophomore class representatives breaking a tie by playing another game: the panty hose fight.

In this activity, sophomore Dustyn Sweet and junior Graham Wilhauk put tennis balls inside of a panty hose and then placed it over their heads. They gained points by hitting one another with the tennis balls by swinging their heads.

Sophomore Lauren Rothgeb enjoyed that activity because of the entertainment factor.

“I laughed way harder than I ever have in a pep assembly; it was absolutely hysterical,” Rothgeb said. “I’d definitely want to see something like this again, it was a great idea.”

Prom candidates were announced to songs of their choosing and competed in a game that was played in pairs. During the game, candidates held a roll of streamers in each hand and swung their arms in large circles in order to unravel their streamers the quickest. This was queen candidate Emma Mantel’s favorite part of the assembly.

“I liked the candidate game because I got to participate in it and it was really fun,” Mantel said. “I like pep assemblies because I think it’s cool that the whole school gets to come together and show school spirit. The games are really fun and people get to laugh.”

Queen candidate Sue Kim agrees with Mantel and favors the streamers activity, but believes all of the competitions and games were enjoyable too.

“The pep assembly was really fun, StuCo did a great job planning it and talking with the candidates,” Kim said. ‘It was a good atmosphere overall.”

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