Spending Valentine’s Day as a single person is not as bad as it’s made out to be

No shame to anyone in a relationship, but being single is one of the best things to be on Valentine’s Day

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Spending Valentine’s Day as a single person is not as bad as it’s made out to be

Claire Boone, JagWire A&E editor

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, a large majority of us are extremely single and will ignore this special holiday as it passes. As a single girl, I seem to stand strong with an extremely unpopular opinion: Valentine’s Day is more fun when you’re single.

Unfortunately, my experience with romantic relationships only stretches as far as me being an iconic third-wheel in a few of my friend’s relationships. That being said, I still have plenty of experience when it comes to being single on this lovely holiday and know why it is such a blessing in disguise.

Valentine’s Day is more fun when you’re single.”

— Claire Boone

The one major difference would be that of course, you aren’t spending this holiday with a significant other. This means that there is no stress on buying the perfect gift and you’ll also dodge the task of creating a picture-perfect date. Due to this miracle, you will have significantly more money to spend on yourself for the entire day. You should feel like you have the freedom to use this money however your heart desires. Stop denying yourself of these things that you’ve earned by either surviving another year of being single or another year of failed relationships. The best piece of advice I have would be to follow the wise direction of the “Parks and Recreation” characters Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle and “treat yourself,” because you are most definitely worth treating.

One thing that single people seem to forget to do on Valentine’s Day is to appreciate themselves in general. Sure, you can buy things for yourself and have the perfect day planned out, but being confident in who you are as a single person is where the majority of the joy comes from. So kick back, start your favorite television series to binge watch and thank God you’re single as heck.

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