Softball defeated by Piper

Despite close scores, softball loses both games in double header against Piper on Tuesday, April 19

Allison Winker, JAG editor-in-chief

The girls softball team lost both games in their double header against Piper on Tuesday, April 19.

Although they lost the games, senior Brittany Ouellette is proud of the way her teammates stayed positive while fighting to the end.

“I feel like we did a really good job of keeping each other up when we were down,” Ouellette said. “Overall, our attitudes have been really good.”

Sophomore Peyton Moeder attributes the losses to a lack of connection between players and leaving runners on base.

“We could have had more communication between everybody and we didn’t execute at the plate when we had runners in scoring position,” Moeder said.

Ouellette agrees with Moeder but still holds a positive outlook for the rest of the season.

“We definitely could have executed in the box more when we had runners on base so we could drive in runs,” Ouellette said. “But I feel like [the season] is going really well, and it’s only going to get better from here.”

With help from the many new players on the team, Moeder thinks the season will be successful in the end.

“I think the season is going really great overall. We’re really close as a team, we play and mesh well together,” Moeder said. “There’s definitely a lot of talent being such a young team.”

Ouellette appreciates the bond formed between everyone and sees how it helps them in their games.

“The best part of softball this year is how close all of us on the team are, it makes it so much easier to communicate on and off the field,” Ouellette said.

No matter the outcome, Moeder always has fun because of her love for the sport.
“I’m excited to see how far we go,” Moeder said. “What I’m enjoying the most about this year is just playing the game I love with people that love it too.”

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