Skills USA hosts first meeting

Skills USA held its first meeting after school on Friday, Oct. 6, giving a rundown of what the year will look like

Michael Sandri, Mill Valley News reporter

Skills USA hosted its first official club meeting on Friday, Oct. 7.

Throughout the past couple months, potential members and sponsors had been putting energy into gaining the official school club title, which, according to engineering teacher Helga Brown, is no longer a concern.

“The state and district approved our application so we are now officially a school club. That means we can now start focusing on stuff like going to competitions.”

Going to club meetings is simple, but in order to compete in competitions, Brown needs to register students through the national organization. Those interested will need to submit their name, address and graduating year.

“After that you are officially card carrying members of Skills USA,” said Brown.

The club puts an importance on student involvement, and therefore promotes student leadership within meetings and competitions.

“The Skills USA club is supposed to be 95% student run,” said Brown. “[The first meeting] will probably be the last day that I am up here running the show.

Although Skills USA focuses on ensuring a skilled future workforce, it is not entirely work.

According to Brown, “One of the great things about Skills USA is that it focuses on team building and stuff like that, so we can get away with doing fun stuff like playing Mario Kart.”

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