Six-year-old feminist advocates spark uproar

Feminist video causes necessary uproar


Courtney Bohnert, JAG design editor

Due to the recent buzz around the FCKH8 video published advocating for equality towards women, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on what I see to be one of the greatest videos ever made. In brief, this video incorporates a group of young, “potty-mouthed princesses” stating facts about inequality shown towards women while using some very choice language. To those of you who have not seen said video, I would advise you to turn your volume down and experience it for yourself.

To my surprise, the majority of student feedback I’ve seen on this video via social media sites has been primarily negative. Even more of a surprise: most of the people that I saw hating on the video were females. While most of the feedback I’ve seen is shaming the little girls’ parents for letting them use such vulgar and “unladylike” language, I find that to be besides the point. I found myself nodding my head in silent approval the entirety of the first time I watched the video. Yes, hearing a six-year-old drop the F-Bomb left and right is shocking, but hey, it got my attention, and it seemed to get many others’ as well.

I hope by this point in my article you’ve all watched the video by now because this is the part where I individually acknowledge each point.

1. “Women are paid 23 percent less than men for the exact same f****** work.”

Honestly, I don’t feel the need to explain my outrage. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women are the main breadwinners for four out of 10 families along with being near equal in making up the entirety to the workforce. Why there is still a salary gap is way beyond me.

2. “One out of every five women will be sexually assaulted or raped by a man.”

For those of you who struggle in math, that is 20 percent of the female population. I understand that that concept may be hard to grasp, seeing that we live in Johnson County and the crime rate is low, but sexual assault and harassment happens every day. Ladies, keep in mind that catcalling is in fact sexual harassment. Instead of giggling when creepy guys drive by and comment on how your butt looks in those jeans, you have every right to be offended. Regardless of the form of assault or harassment, I’m going to take a leap of faith and say every one of you reading this has experienced it in one way or another.

3. “…our worth comes from our waistlines.” reported that 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies and only 5 percent have the body type portrayed by media. Please accept the fact that only 5 percent of women on the planet have long, silky hair, a curvy yet slim body and huge thigh gap. Please understand that the images you are comparing yourself to are atypical.

If after reading this, you are still primarily offended by the language in the video, understand that feminism should not be summed up by this video. Feminism is looking at these facts and being appalled.

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