Silver Stars close season with Spring Show and senior send off

The show featured competition routines, solos and guest performances

John Lehan, JagWire reporter/photographer

The Spring Show ended the Silver Stars season with competition routines, solos and guest performances on Saturday, March 30. At the end of the night, seniors Olivia Augustine, Eve Steinle, Bella Line and co-captain Addie Ward received a video tribute from their mothers and then performed their self-choreographed piece “Daughter”.

The show featured solos and performances with sophomore, junior and senior dancers, as well as performances from the Super Stars, Shining Stars and Silver Studs. Additionally, Silver Star fathers performed “It’s Tricky” alongside their daughters, and Silver Star mothers performed a remix of Silver Star pieces.

For head coach Katie Jackson, the culmination of pieces led to a successful show.

“[The Silver Stars] did a great job, it is really fun to see them perform a wide variety of routines, and we love having guest performers come in,” Jackson said.

Not only did the multitude of pieces make the show unique, the low-stress environment let freshman Anna Brazil connect personally with the dances.

“At our other performances we are competing, so it is a lot more stressful,” Brazil said. “At spring show we get to just dance for us.”

In between pieces, Masters of Ceremonies seniors Hunter Harris and Killian O’Brien entertained the crowd with one-liners, music, trivia and March Madness updates. Members of the Super Stars and Silver Stars competed in toe touch and high kick events. Additionally, memory videos from the Silver Stars’ season also gave the team time to change in between pieces. Members of the audience laughed and cheered during these pauses, as the show intended, according to Jackson.

“The spring show is meant to be a community event,” Jackson said. “We want to share with … anyone who supports the Silver Stars, for them to see what we have been working on all year long.”

The end of this season and loss of senior leaders was sad for Brazil, but she believes the team will still find success next season.

“This being the last performance with this group makes me a little sad,” Brazil said. “I love our seniors so much … but I feel like next year we will be just as strong.”

The season’s strength lay in the team beyond performances for Jackson.

“The season as a whole was super successful, not just because the did well at competition,” Jackson said. “They supported the school, they really bonded as a team, so they all took away great memories from the year.”

Accomplishments such as third in Jazz and ninth in Pom at the National Dance Alliance National Championship made the season successful for Brazil.

“The season I feel went really well,” Brazil said. “This being my first year on the team, I was really impressed with how our team did.”

Concluding the season is a double-edged sword for Jackson, for while ending the season is difficult, she is looking forward to the future.

“It is crazy to watch, especially the seniors … you watch them grow up over time, so seeing them move on is really exciting but really sad because they have been great leaders,” Jackson said. “Seeing the team as a whole, all performing for the final time together, it is bittersweet. It is exciting to see them move on, but it is still sad to see the year wrap up when it has been so successful.”


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