Seniors take on juniors and win in Powder Puff football game

Senior girls beat juniors 24-18 in the annual football game

By Eli Soell

Jillian Leiby, JagWire opinions editor

The seniors defeated the juniors 24-12 in the annual Powder Puff football game on Tuesday, Nov. 11. The game features girls from both grade levels and coaches included junior and senior football players.

As a defensive safety, senior Megan Feuerborn felt the game went well, without much disagreement between the two teams.

“The game ran very smoothly. I think it was very well-organized, the refs knew what they were doing and there weren’t any conflicts,” Feuerborn said. “Everyone was a little scared there may be some violence as there had been in past years, but it was a clean game.”

Preparing for the game was different for both teams according to junior quarterback Gabby Hopkins. The juniors practiced last weekend, Hopkins had her own personal pre-game ritual.

“We had a practice on … Sunday, so like [two] days before the game,” Hopkins said. “I had three protein shakes … and watched a movie before the game.”

The seniors, however, quickly got ready right before the game.

“Before the game, they placed everyone in the offense and defense and we ran over what we would be doing during the game,” Feuerborn said. “But, going into the game, the juniors were a lot more organized and actually had a practice beforehand.”

It was just really exciting and really community feeling between everyone. It was fun to play together with the senior class.”

— senior Megan Feuerborn

It was difficult for Hopkins, as the team’s leader, to keep everyone working together.

“The hardest part of the game was getting everyone under control … on our team between each play,” Hopkins said.

Feuerborn struggled with the physicality of being on the defensive side.

“The hardest part was … just keeping the girls from scoring [and] running past us,” Feuerborn said. “I was a safety, so I was very far back and just chasing them down was hard. It was a lot more challenging than it looks.”

For Hopkins, the best part of the game was a specific play.

“My favorite part was when I threw the ball to [junior Ashlyn Hendrix] and she ran like 40 yards and bulldozed someone in the end zone and got a touchdown,” Hopkins said.

Feuerborn enjoyed supporting the offensive line and being able to bond with her fellow classmates.

“My favorite part was standing on the sidelines, actually, and cheering on the offense,” Feuerborn said. “It was just really exciting and really community feeling between everyone. It was fun to play together with the senior class.”

Correction: An earlier version of this post reported the final score to be 24-12. The correct score is 24-18.

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