Seniors don’t need to have school spirit

Seniors should not have to be pressured into participating in school spirit activities solely due to their grade level


Jillian Leiby, JagWire opinions editor

Homecoming week was an interesting ordeal this year. On one day, I failed to come up with any superhero gear to wear. Like the three previous years, I was sure I could fly under the radar. Instead, my regular clothes were a hot topic, specifically in my AP Literature and Composition class. Many in the class felt it was necessary to bring attention to my blatant lack of school spirit. I was shocked by the sudden change in behavior of my classmates.

I was also told to “not be that person” by a classmate. You know that person: the one who refuses to participate in school activities and ruins it for the entire class. That was an interesting line, considering I had always been that person. School spirit has never been my thing. Although I do love Mill Valley to an extent, I feel I have better things to do than spend Fridays screaming about the football team. Plus, I’ve seen people participate in school events when they really don’t want to. It’s annoying, and I don’t want to be that person.

For the past three years, I was able to live like this in peace. I was able to politely clap at pep assemblies before staying home from the football game later that night. I did not think this year was going to be any different. The notion that I have to conjure up some school spirit just because I am a senior seems fake and insincere. I’m of the belief that high school will not be the greatest four years of my life, and suddenly becoming a spirited classmate probably won’t elevate the experience much.

The notion that I have to conjure up some school spirit just because I am a senior seems fake and insincere.”

— Jillian Leiby

I don’t have a problem with school spirit. When someone goes all out for spirit week, I have huge amounts of respect for that person. I just don’t feel I should be forced to participate in activities that I’ve never cared for before this year. I don’t believe it is a right of passage for seniors to participate in activites. Don’t take it personally, I’ll be spending the next four years acting exactly the same.

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