Senior auditions for the fall musical for the first time and receives a lead role

Senior Nathan Meacham tried out for the fall musical production of “Newsies” and was given a lead role after never being in a show before


By Andrew Tow

At rehearsal on Monday, Sept. 30, senior Nathan Meacham practices a dance for the school’s upcoming musical, “Newsies.”

Steven Curto, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

Like all seniors who tried out for the musical, senior Nathan Meacham went through the audition process, but unlike most in the musical, Meacham had never auditioned before. Still, Meacham was given the lead role of Davie in the fall musical production of “Newsies.” 

Although it’s not common for seniors with no prior shows under their belt to get a lead role, drama teacher Jon Copeland stated that there have been around one or two instances in the past few years where it has happened.

“[Seniors getting lead roles after never auditioning before] does happen occasionally,” Copeland said. “I remember when we did ‘The Man Who Came to Dinner’ there was a student who had never done a show before and he got a good role, so it’s not common but it’s not unheard of.”

Prior to this year, Meacham believed musicals were boring which led him to never audition, but after choir teacher Jessie Reimer’s recommendation he decided to try out. 

“The reason I waited until my senior year to try out for the musical is because I always thought the musicals sounded lame,” Meacham said. “I’m an awful dancer and actor, but when the new choir teacher, Mrs. Reimer, told me about “Newsies” and how most of the cast was male and they were low on males I thought why not audition?”

Since third grade, Meacham has had a passion for singing. His passion for it motivated him to take choir. 

Meacham realized how much he enjoys singing during his first concert of junior year.

Although he has a profound passion for singing, when it comes to other components of the musical Meacham is less enthralled. 

“Dancing [has been the biggest struggle] because I hate it and I’m bad at it,” Meacham said. 

Senior student director Shaina Issacsen has worked with Meacham daily during the production of “Newsies” and is pleased with the amount of effort he gives at rehearsals. 

“I think [Meacham’s] doing very well, he puts in a lot of effort and it shows,” Isaacsen said. “[He] has been practicing a lot and he listens to direction and responds well.”

Overall, Meacham is extremely happy that he auditioned for the musical and was able to make new friends as well as rekindle an old friendship.

“Definitely I have made a few new good friends at the musical and I even reconnected with an old friend,” Meacham said.

The first musical performance will take place Saturday, November 9 at Mill Valley.

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